June 18, 2024

PSC, JSC, JDC, SSC, HSC, BCS, etc… Full Meaning | purepdfbook

full meaning of psc,JSC,hsc,MBA,PhD,ca,bba, etc etc...  full meaning of inter,

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Do you want to pass the job test? Want to know the full form of important words used in a job test?

 People love to conjure. Lives with dreams. Every pupil dreams of a good job at the end of their studies. But currently getting a job isn’t an easy thing at all. To get a job you must pass a job test. You need further than luck to succeed in chapter business. You need to learn some basics as well. Only also will your fortune be successful.
 There are some important words associated with our education that we need to keep in mind when we need them. Numerous may not know the exact meaning of these words. Imagine for a alternate you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl.
 So if you do not want to fall into these unwanted situations, you have to prepare yourself in advance. So my moment’s post is for those who do not know about words. Hope you’ll profit.

 PSC Full Meaning

 Moment’s children are the future of hereafter. They’re the tradesmen to make the country by leading the coming generation from the front. Gentle children always have a kind of fear of testing. 

Which has a kind of bad effect on the scholars directly or laterally. So the government has organized Psc examinations for the fifth grade scholars so that the scholars’ fear of examinations doesn’t affect their intellectual development.
 PSS Full Form = Primary School Certificate.
 PSC Full Meaning Bangla” which means “ Primary Academy Witnesses”.

 Fifth graders share in the first major competitive test through this test. The results of this test are substantially through the grading system. Literacy are given to the scholars on the base of the result of PSC examination. 

 So there’s no need to say how important Psc is in the minds of tender-hearted scholars! From the morning of the time, children are prepared to get good results in this test. There’s no deficit of sweats and cooperation from parents and preceptors to help scholars achieve good results in the test.

 JSC Full Meaning

 After fifth grade, a pupil enters secondary academy. After entering Madhyami, he started studying in a new way. You have to acclimatize to the new terrain, to study in a new style.
 Thus, for the purpose of vindicating the merit of the scholars, a board examination has been arranged in the eighth grade for the scholars who have passed the secondary academy. The name of the examination that’s conducted for the eighth grade scholars is Jsc.
 JSC Full Meaning is Junior School Certificate.
 JSC Full Meaning Bangla which means = ” Lower secondary academy witnesses.”

 The scholars of class VIII of this examination share in the examination for the purpose of their medication as well as for the purpose of verification of merit. Grounded on the results attained in this examination, the scholars pass the examination in class IX. Scholars have to stay another time if the results are bad.
 Literacy or literacy are given to the scholars who share in the Jsc examination on the results of the examination. At the same time the results are taken in the grading system. The ninth grade order is determined grounded on the results of the Jsc. So this test makes special sense in the life of the scholars.

full meaning of psc,JSC,hsc,MBA,PhD,ca,bba, etc etc...  full meaning of inter,

 JDC Full Meaning

 The examination in which the eighth class scholars share under the Madrasa Board is called JDC.
 JDC Full Meaning = Junior Dakhil Certificate.  
 JDC Full Meaning Bangla = এর অর্থ মধ্যে

 Jdc examinations are held under the Madrasa Board of Education. Grounded on the results of this examination, the scholars under the Madrasa Board pass to the coming class. The Madrasa Board also gives literacy or literacy grounded on the results of Jdc.

 SSC Full Meaning

 The significance of this test in the life of a pupil is different. The result of 10 times of education is called Ssc. Important depends on the outgrowth of your studies in after life. So the scholars don’t put lower in any part of the medication for the test.
 Since scholars of two times i.e. ninth and tenth class hold SSC Test on the same book. So scholars complete the Ssc syllabus while in ninth grade.
 SSC Full Meaning is = Secondary School Certificate.
 SSC Full Meaning Bangla Meaning = “ Secondary Academy Commendation Letter”.

 The last test of secondary life is Ssc. This test works a lot of fear in the minds of scholars. Because depending on the results, scholars are dependent on the study of their unborn life. So scholars don’t put any part of the medication less. Medications start veritably roundly with 2 times in hand.

 HSC Full Meaning

A pupil enters high academy only after crossing the boundaries of secondary academy. The shorter the duration of these two short times, the lesser the study pressure. HSC scholars are noway in the news that their precious time is spent trying to acclimatize to the new institution.
 HSC Full Meaning = Advanced Secondary Certificate.
 HSC Full Meaning Bangla Meaning daises for “ Advanced Secondary Validation”.

 This HSC test is considered as the result of two times of study. The result depends on how important time the pupil spends on his studies. The success or failure of this test has a lot to do with the pupil’s university life. At present HSC has arranged literacy for scholars on the base of examination results. 

As a result, scholars study with a lot of enthusiasm. The success or failure of this test depends on what subject you’ll study in which university. The dream of studying in the university of your choice may not be fulfilled due to your slight negligence.

BCS Full Meaning

 BCS is the name of one dream of every mortal life. Nearly every citizen of the country cherishes the dream of getting a government officer. This dream lives in the heart of every human being.
 BCS Full Meaning is = Bangladesh Civil Service.
 BCS Full Meani

ng Bangla which means stage = Bangladesh Civil Service.

 After scale, a graduate pupil participates in this competitive examination. The thing is for youthful people to take part in this test only after completing their studies. They work day and night to give their stylish in this test.

 But only a many of them have the good fortune to fulfill their dreams. Bcs is one of the most popular professions in Bangladesh as well as a popular job test. There’s a fierce struggle to get a seat. Forgetting just one question will take you back to the diurnal.

 So currently scholars start from the time they’re in the university of Bcs. Campaigners don’t compromise in the medication of BCS. Those who don’t compromise, success comes and they’re tromped.